The tasting room is located beside the "Netiv Ofakim" vineyard on Mt. Carmel. While visiting, you can hear the story of the winery and its special location, learn about our vineyards and wines, see the nearby vineyard and of course taste and purchase our wines. In addition, a cheese platter can be ordered. The tasting room is suitable for small events such as wine workshops, lectures, etc. The wines are non-Kosher.

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Private Events

Private events can be held at the tasting room, combined with wine tasting, with or without food.


An event inside the tasting room around one table - up to 16 people (regardless of weather conditions).

An event at the tasting room garden - Up to 50 people (depends on weather conditions).

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נא מלאו את פרטי הביקור. אנחנו נאשר בטלפון או במייל חוזר.

התאריכים והשעות מוגבלים, לא ניתן לתאם ביקור לתאריכים ושעות אחרות.

לאחר שליחת הבקשה יש להמתין לקבלת אישור במייל לפני הגעה לביקור.

במקרה של ביטול - נא לעדכן בהקדם האפשרי.

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Vortman Winery

23 Ofakim, Haifa. Israel

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WARNING: Contains alcohol - avoid excessive drinking