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Our Story

שכונת שמבור ונחל אזוב בחיפה
גפן בכרם נתיב אופקים על רקע הים

Winery from

Mt. Carmel

Vortman winery was founded in 2003 in Haifa city, with the planting of 'Netiv Ofakim' vineyard. In the beginning, wine making was done in the house basement and after a few years of steady growth a modern winery was built in downtown Haifa. From the first day our aim was to make local wine from organic grapes we grow ourselves, only in Mt. Carmel wine region.

דבורה ופריחת חורף בכרם קולומבר אורגני

Organic Viticulture

All our vineyards are grown organically for over 10 years. Seeing the results in the vigor and health of the vines, and in the quality and taste of the wines made us  begin in 2019 a full certification process for organic vineyards & wines under the supervision of IQC company.

זיקית בצבעי הגפן, כרם אורגני בעמק שפיה

Unique wine region

The roots of Vortman Winery are well planted in Mt. Carmel soil, where wine has been grown for more than 3,000 years. Many wine presses carved in the limestone bedrock can be still seen.

Shfeya Valley is a unique sub-area in the Carmel region in terms of geological richness and weather conditions. For these reasons, we chose to plant all our vineyards there.

גת יין חצובה בסלע הגיר בעתיקות סומקה בכרמל
כרם צעיר בעמק שפיה
חביות ומיכל יין ביקב וורטמן


Our winemaking combines tradition and modern methods. Fermentation is done in small open containers, manual mixing and the use of a basket press.

​The winery has a wine lab that allows us to accurately monitor the production processes and the aging of wines.

All our wines made according to organic and vegan standards.

מסחטת סל עם ענבים אדומים

Vineyards & winery team

ליאור סוזן

Lior Suzan

Head of viticulture.

in charge of the vineyards, growing methods, organic & biologic farming and finding solutions for sustainable viticulture. Lior is a man of many talents, a main partner in wine production and our photographer and graphic designer, of wine labels, ads and internet site.

אלעד כהן

Elad Cohen

Sales & marketing manager. In charge of costumer service, private and wholesale. 

When needed, Elad is recruited to vineyard & winery work, so he knows well the process of wine growing, has a broad knowledge about the wine world and full confidence about the products he's selling.

אודליה וורטמן

Odelia Vortman

Owner, office, events & visits. Odelia is part of the winery from it's very beginning, learned to love and know well the wine world on the fly.

Odelia is part of all the wine growing and wine making processes, represents the winery locally & abroad and in charge of arranging visits to our tasting room in Haifa.

חי וורטמן יקב וורטמן

Hai Vortman

Owner, wine-grower and wine-maker. The man behind the idea & vision of Vortman winery. From the start it was clear - wine is first of all connection to the soil and to Mt. Carmel area. working in the vineyards, planting & growing vines are main part of Hai's work as a winemaker, which continues in the winery.

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