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ארגזי בציר מלאים בכרם סמיון אורגני בעמק שפיה
גור ארנבים בכרם הקולומבר


Organic viticulture enables the creation of quality, healthy wines without harming the environment, fauna and flora. The goal is to preserve biodiversity in an ecosystem that has evolved over millions of years. The means are eliminating harmful conditions, strengthening the vines and preserving a living soil. Organic viticulture requires daily monitoring of weather conditions and the health of the vineyards for quick response.

עמק שפיה מבט מרכס שפיה

Shfeya valley

In Shfeya valley, at the foot of Zichron Ya'acov we planted the vineyards. The valley soil is rich and diverse, the cold air drains at night to the valley and the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea cools the summer days. Shfeya valley is the oldest wine region in Israel. It is one of those special places where you can grow vines without irrigation and harvest concentrated grapes of high quality.

כרם צעיר בעמק שפיה

Grape varieties

We grow a relatively large number of grape varieties in order to find the best varieties for quality wines in Shfeya valley. Over the years we have added varieties and removed those less suitable, and the process of planting and experimenting continues. The varieties that we are currently growing: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Colombard, Roussanne, Malbec, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Carignan, Grenache and Mourvedre.

אשכול פטי ורדו אורגני בעמק שפיה
אשכול סמיון אורגני בעמק שפיה
זמירה ארוכה של פטי ורדו בעמק שפיה

Vineyard work

Organic viticulture with natural flora requires a lot of work throughout the year in order to keep the vines healthy and the vineyard balanced. Most of the work is manual, timing is crucial and the impact on the vines can last for years. There is great importance to knowledge and experience and therefore the vineyard tasks are performed only by the winery team.

נטיעת כרם בעמק שפיה
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