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Carignan is a red grape variety, its origin Aragon,  Spain. Its suitability to Mediterranean weather along with durability to drought conditions are certainly part of its success story in Israel. Carignan wine, the red and purple fruit and the spices, along with omami hints, make it a perfect food wine.

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Grenache Noir

Grenache Noir is a red grape from Spain. It ripens late in the season, which makes it suitable for hot climates, places  like Spain, southern France and Israel. Grenache wines will often be soft, spicy with red raspberry. It is often used as part of a blend with other "southern varieties" such as Carignan, Syrah & Mourvedre.



A white grape from the Rhone Valley region. Roussanne grapes develop a unique 'rustic' color towards the end of the ripening period, hance it's name. The aromas of Roussane often reminds herbal and flower tea. In warm climates, it produces full body wines rich with flavors of pear & honey.


Petit Verdot

A red grape from Bordeaux, France. The meaning of the name - "little green" hints at small grapes that ripen late in Bordeaux and have "green" flavors. In Shfeya valley, Petit Verdot grapes have very dark color and the wine is powerful and floral, rich in black, blue and purple fruit. Petit Verdot wines have long aging capacity.



A red grape coming from Spain, Mourvedre needs a lot of heat and a long, warm growing season to mature. In Spain & the south of France, it is used in a blend with Carignan, Syrah, Grenache and other varieties. The wine produced from Mourvedre  has flavors of meat, earth, red & black fruit and has a very long aging capacity.



Malbec is a red grape variety, one of six grapes allowed in a blend of red Bordeaux wine. The origin of the grape in southwestern France. This variety matures early in the season and is characterized by a very deep color, soft  tannin, rich fruit flavors with dark and smoked finish.

Grape varieties

Viticulture / Grape Varieties



Semillon is a white-yellow grape used to produce dry and sweet white wines. Its origin is Bordeaux, France. The main fruit flavors of Semillon wines are lemon, apple, pear & honey, with a medium-full body. Semillon wines are known for their long aging ability, especially for white wines.


Sauvignon Blanc

A white grape variety from Bordeaux. Sauvignon Blanc is characterized by fresh acidity & light to moderate body. There are wines with striking tropical character while others exhibit a more herbal and mineral one. Here, in Shfeya valley, this variety is characterized by a complexity that includes both sides.



Colombard is a white variety, a cross between Chenin Blanc & Gouais Blanc, coming from south west France. Colombard has natural high acidity and low sugar - ideal variety for the climate in Israel. The wine has rich floral aromas with lemon and citrus flavors and medium body.

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