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Vineyard work

Viticulture / Vineyard work


Pruning begins in the middle of winter, while the vines are dormant. This task is the most important of all the tasks throughout the year because we decide how the vine will grow next season, determine the quantity and quality of the fruit and the structure of the vine years forward. Each variety is pruned specifically according to its growth character and pest sensitivity. For example, a species that grows fast and dense like Sauvignon Blanc will need in a more airy prunning. A high-yielding variety such as Carignan will require prunning to lower yields and increase quality.

Shoot thinning

Performed during the spring at a time when the vines are growing rapidly and the clusters are being built. Weak branches, dense or without clusters are removed to ventilate the vines and prevent disease, to facilitate the growth of the vine and to direct the force to create full and high quality clusters.

Also called green harvest, shoot thinning is adapted to each variety according to its vitality and susceptibility to pests and is highly influenced by weather conditions in winter and spring.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal opens a window in the vine canopy in order to expose the clusters to the sun and allow airflow around them. Manual removal of leaves in the cluster area is carried out at the end of spring, at a time when the clusters are large enough not to be damaged by the sun. The exposure of the clusters to the sun and air dries the morning dew and prevents disease that develops in high humidity. In addition, it improves the ripening of grapes and their quality.

Weed Control

Keeping natural weed in the vineyards requires several treatments during spring and summer, after The winter when the weeds grew uninterrupted. The treatments depend on the weather and flowering times. Mowing the vegetation between rows of vines is done with a tiny tractor that does not compress the soil. Cutting the grasses under the vines is carried out by means of a horizontal knife attached to the tractor and with a motorized scythe.

Manual night harvest

Harvest takes place during the summer months and is the busiest time of the year. Small batches allows us to choose the precise harvest date for each variety. Manual harvest enables picking the best  clusters, clean of leaves and branches. Clusters below the standard are dropped to the ground and returned to the soil.

Picking during the cool night hours keeps the grapes fresh when arriving to the winery and allows the natural yeast to start fermentation.


The vine is a climbing tree and requires a set of columns and cables to direct its growth and place its clusters. The construction of the infrastructure is carried out mainly during the autumn and winter months. Already at the planting stage, when the vines are still low seedlings, we must prepare rods on which the vines will climb. In order to support adult vines, columns are placed into the ground and between them we stretch iron wires to hold the weight of the canopy and clusters.

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