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Our Story / Winemaking

ערבוב תסיסה ידני ביקב וורטמן

Traditional Winemaking

Winemaking is both traditional and modern. On the traditional side: fermentation in small open containers, manual mixing and basket press. We use barrels in different sizes and ages so that the new oak effect is moderate. Fermentation is spontaneous, only with wild yeast. Organically grown grapes are rich in yeast, so there is no need to add anything to the must to start fermentation. The amount of sulfur in our wines is very low, less then organic wine standard demands.

Modern Winemaking

On the modern side: we use state-of-the-art equipment including cooled stainless steel tanks and advanced destemming and crushing systems. The winery has a laboratory that includes most of the wine testing capabilities and enables accurate scientific monitoring of the various wine production processes in order to create a clean and stable wine, with long aging ability.

חדר התסיסות ביקב וורטמן
חדר החביות ביקב וורטמן

Fermentation & Aging

Fermentation takes 10 to 20 days using wild yeast. The fermentation takes place under control and accurate monitoring of temperature allows us to produce concentrated but soft tannins, strong color without over-extraction. After the fermentation of the musts finish, the wines are quickly entered into the barrels to continue the process of aging. Malolactic ferments occur in the barrels. The wines continues to mature in the barrels on the delicate sediment for 8 to 16 months. 

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