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The tasting room at Wortman Winery

The visitor center and the winery store are located next to Netiv Ofakim vineyard on Mt. Carmel. It is open for tasting and buying our wines, and on weekends on

certain dates, for sitting in front of the Mediterranean view with wine menu in glasses and bottles and food menu. ​

A visit must be booked in advance, at the link below

You can buy our wines online at the winery website ​and receive a delivery.

The wines are non kosher.

Sitting at tables outside, on the terrace in front of the view under parasols. Sitting is limited to two hours. You can taste our wines, order a cheese or Levantine platter and wines in glasses or bottles.

Wine tasting - 50 NIS.

Platter for a couple - NIS 100.

Minimum order -  a platter, wine tasting or a bottle of wine for a couple. 

Visitor center

הזמנת מקום
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